Things to Do in Denver StokerCon When You're Dead

Column by Christoph Paul May 26, 2022
Damn, I've been touring for the past 5 weeks and and just finished up with StokerCon. Should you go next year? Read on and find out.

The Magic of Brian Keene’s Bedroom

Column by Christoph Paul January 13, 2020
Having an existential crisis as a writer? Then maybe you just need to spend the night at Brian Keene's and eat some stew.

10 Tips for Authors to Avoid Book Promotion Burnout

Column by Steph Post
Ten suggestions to help authors find creative ways to avoid burning out when promoting a new book.

The Dos and Don'ts of Book Tour: An Author's Survival Guide

Column by Steph Post March 21, 2017
Honest, real advice for making it through your first book tour.

Witness Protection, Barbecue, and Crushing Loneliness: Highlights from the 'South Village' Book Tour

Column by Rob Hart October 27, 2016
Rob Hart just got back from visiting Boston, Austin, Scottsdale, and Houston to promote his third novel—and he offers up some anecdotes from the road.

'City of Rose' Book Tour Diary: Los Angeles

Column by Rob Hart February 24, 2016
One final burrito, killer weather, a quiet dinner, and lots of fish tacos on the last stop of the book tour.

'City of Rose' Book Tour Diary: San Francisco

Column by Rob Hart
More burritos, why friends can be better than hotels, and the art of the live reading.

'City of Rose' Book Tour Diary: Seattle

Column by Rob Hart February 22, 2016
Loneliness, laundry, more burritos, Noir at the Bar, and the importance of the long game.

'City of Rose' Book Tour Diary: Portland

Column by Rob Hart February 18, 2016
Nerves, burritos, books, friends, strip clubs, and the importance of bookmarks.

That Time I Read With Chuck Palahniuk

Column by Brandon Tietz October 25, 2014
What's it like reading with one of the most famous authors in the game? About as cool as you can imagine.
Hillary Clinton: Don't Call It A Campaign

Hillary Clinton: Don't Call It A Campaign

News by Peter Derk June 11, 2014
Hillary Clinton's book tour has launched, setting off a media nonsense-storm.
Ocean at the End of the Lane art

Amazing Art for Neil Gaiman's New Book Revealed, Author Announces Final Book Tour

News by Christopher Shultz December 20, 2012
As new hints at his highly anticipated seventh novel appear, Gaiman plans to disappear.