The Poetry of Joni Mitchell’s "Blue" Album: An Appreciation

Column by David Cranmer
Joni Mitchell’s 'Blue' turns 50. Poet and Mitchell fan David Cranmer eclectically reflects on Blue’s impact that is still growing, her connection to the confessional poets, and why this music endures.

The Case For and Against Bob Dylan's Nobel Win

Column by Peter Derk April 7, 2017
Does Dylan deserve the Nobel in Literature? Is the answer blowin' in the wind?
Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize...For Literature

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize...For Literature

News by Peter Derk October 13, 2016
Things Have Changed? Or is it a Simple Twist of Fate? Bob Dylan wins Nobel for Literature.
Johnny Depp Launches Book Imprint

Johnny Depp Launches His Own Book Imprint

News by Kimberly Turner October 17, 2012
Johnny Depp has partnered with HarperCollins to launch his own book imprint. A Bob Dylan bio and an unpublished novel by folk singer Woody Guthrie are the first titles announced.