Reading and Watching S. Craig Zahler

Column by Peter Derk
'Wraiths of The Broken Land' is easily the best thing I read this year. And the grossest.

Swipe left: Seven Sick Literary Hook-ups

Column by JS Breukelaar
The fictional hook-ups that mess with our minds are the ones that take on a dark life of their own, and any pretense to playing God on the part of the author, just goes out the window.

Book vs Album: 'Blood Meridian' vs 'The Last Pale Light in the West'

Column by Peter Derk June 2, 2016
Because we'll never get a book-to-movie on this one, Cormac McCarthy's 'Blood Meridian' versus Ben Nichols' 'The Last Pale Light In The West.'

For A Brief, Shining Moment, We Were Getting A 'Blood Meridian' Movie

News by Peter Derk May 6, 2016
There were a few hours today when the world believed the long-awaited 'Blood Meridian' movie was really happening. Those were a good few hours.