The Existential Horror of Making an Author Website

Column by Christoph Paul January 21, 2021
Why does making an author website fill me with existential dread?

Blogging is Worth the Effort, Even Without the Pay

Column by Karis Rogerson
Sure it sucks to write and not get real cash money for your efforts, but some things are worth more than that (sometimes).

How to Start an Author Website

Column by Michael David Wilson June 21, 2017
Lessons learned and things to consider when starting an author website.
Dennis Cooper's Work Taken Down By Google

Dennis Cooper's Work Taken Down By Google

News by Peter Derk July 15, 2016
Has Dennis Cooper lost the last 14 years of his life to censorship?

Blogging and the Law: Five Issues You Need To Know

Column by Jessica Meddows January 31, 2014
Most bloggers aren’t aware of the legal issues relevant to blogging, or how to protect themselves adequately from issues arising. This column aims to build awareness on this topic.

Snark is a Dead Scene: Why It's Time For Writers to Try Something New

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky November 26, 2013
Are you as sick of this overused device as I am? Hunt it down and kill it.

Don’t Write That, Write This! How To Be An Awesome Blogger

Column by Cath Murphy October 3, 2013
Don't let your blog become a slog. Use this guide to freshen up your writing platform.
Hyperbole and a Half

No Exaggeration: 'Hyperbole and a Half' Author's New Book Available in October

News by Nathan Scalia
Allie Brosh, author of the popular "Hyperbole and a Half" blog, is releasing her new book in October.

Blogging: An Extension of Craft

Column by Erin Reel February 6, 2013
Blogging is an effective pillar of the author platform but it's also a way for writers to explore and hone their craft. What ultimately sells a blog? Just like what sells a book - quality of voice.
Duane Lester confronts newspaper

Blogger vs. Plagiarist Smackdown Video

News by Kimberly Turner May 25, 2012
Blogger Duane Lester confronts a newspaper that stole his content without payment, permission, or attribution then puts the whole showdown on YouTube.

Literary Longshots

Column by Brandon Tietz January 24, 2012
LitReactor examines three potential publishing breakthroughs. Are they worth the trouble?