What I Learned Being Mandy De Sandra

Column by Christoph Paul
How I became Mandy De Sandra and what I learned from writing Bizarro Erotica under a pen name.
Bookshots: 'Entropy in Bloom' by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Bookshots: 'Entropy in Bloom' by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky
Take a stroll through the mind of one of our maddest and brightest.

10 Authors that Will Give Your Brain a Workout

Column by Gabino Iglesias March 6, 2017 (2) comments
Sometimes reading can feel like you're flexing your brain, and that's a good thing. Here are ten authors that will pump up your intellect.
Bookshots: 'Cartoons in the Suicide Forest' by Leza Cantoral

Bookshots: 'Cartoons in the Suicide Forest' by Leza Cantoral

Review by Gabino Iglesias
Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review

11 Nasty Women Dominating Weird Fiction

Column by Gabino Iglesias December 9, 2016 (1) comments
When it comes to weird fiction, these women are making great things happen.
Tiffany Scandal, Interview, Bizarro

A Conversation with Tiffany Scandal About Portland, Second-Person Narratives, And Her New Novella 'Shit Luck'

Interview by Rob Hart
Tiffany Scandal's follow-up to 'Jigsaw Youth' is available. And she's here to talk about writing in the second person, short-form storytelling, and toxic behaviors aimed at female writers.

14 Things That Prove Tyra Banks' 'Modelland' Is The Craziest Book Ever

Column by Peter Derk March 3, 2016 (4) comments
Tyra Banks' 'Modelland' is, without a doubt, the craziest, insane-est, weirdest, wackiest, a-lot-of-things-est book ever written. And I'll prove it to you.
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Eraserhead Press Publishes Book Plucked From LitReactor Class

News by Rob Hart December 10, 2014 (15) comments
LitReactor's workshops have produced plenty of published short stories and essays. But 'Pax Titanus', now available from Eraserhead Press, is probably the first novel to jump from classroom to print.

Stop Stressing Over Genre and Just Write

Column by Max Booth III May 22, 2014 (11) comments
Genre exists to limit writers. Break those walls down. There are no rules, only you and your story.

Storyville: Supernatural and Speculative Fiction—Getting Weird Without Losing Your Audience

Column by Richard Thomas October 18, 2013 (7) comments
Supernatural and speculative fiction—getting weird without losing your audience.

Satanic Summer: Horror Fiction for Hot Days

Column by Cameron Pierce August 9, 2013 (1) comments
Don't wait for October to break out the horror fiction. Here are fifteen scary novels and short stories for the hottest time of the year.

Chainsaw Hands and Fishbowl Hearts: The Ultimate Introduction to Bizarro Fiction

Column by Cameron Pierce July 26, 2013 (3) comments
At this point, you've probably encountered bizarro fiction. Whether you're familiar with the genre or just getting started, here are fourteen bizarro books to shock and surprise you.