10 Super Weird Things About 'The Da Vinci Code'

Column by Peter Derk
Are the secrets surrounding 'The Da Vinci Code' juicier than the secrets contained within? No. But they might be more entertaining.
Roald Dahl Reaches #1 on UK Bestseller List

Roald Dahl Reaches #1 on UK Bestseller List

News by Raine Winters
There’s a first time for everything.

5 Famous Bestsellers That Were Rejected (And 50 More)

Column by Michael David Wilson
Rejection is hard, but it's universal. We highlight 55 bestsellers that were rejected.
Psychological Bedtime Book Puts Kids to Sleep Nationwide

Psychological Bedtime Book Puts Kids to Sleep Nationwide

News by Raine Winters August 19, 2015
The self-published picture book has outsold Harper Lee and Dr. Seuss.

Seven Important Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From the Bestselling Books of 2014

Column by Cath Murphy December 23, 2014
Why pay big bucks to marketing consultancies when unlocking the secrets of the bestseller is a simple matter of looking at Amazon lists and making a few snap judgments?
Amazon’s 2013 Bestseller List Revealed

Amazon’s 2013 Bestseller List Revealed

News by Dean Fetzer December 17, 2013
It’s that time of year and the lists have already started appearing, the most recent one being the online retailer’s bestsellers for the year — just in time for Christmas.

Anatomy Of A Best Seller: Four Reasons "Gone Girl" is Such A Literary Juggernaut

Column by Christopher Shultz September 23, 2013
Gillian Flynn's third novel is still going strong on the New York Times Best Seller list, and there's a big Hollywood movie on the way. Just what is it about "Gone Girl" that people find so appealing?
E.L. James Tops List of Top-Earning Authors

Keeping Up with the Jameses: Forbes' List of Top-Earning Authors

News by Dean Fetzer August 14, 2013
Forbes’ list of the world’s top-selling authors is out this week, with the ‘Fifty Shades…’ author debuting at number one.
NYT eBook Bestseller List Online Only

Changes at New York Times Book Review - eBook Bestseller List Moves Online

News by Dean Fetzer
New editor Pamela Paul is putting her mark on the famed literary publication by shaking a few things up.
RSI helps achieve bestseller status

For $70,000 You Can Buy a Place on the Bestsellers List

News by Dean Fetzer February 25, 2013
According to Forbes, you can buy your way onto bestseller lists for as little as $70,000 by hiring marketing consultancy ResultSource.
Blogger Mark Khan to read & review bestselling books since 1913

100 Years, 94 Books: Blogger to Read and Review Bestsellers Since 1913

News by Dean Fetzer February 14, 2013
Blogger Mark Khan plans to read and review the bestselling book of the year for every year since 1913 and post them on his blog.
Norwegian Bible Society 2011

Bible on Bestseller List for 56 Weeks - in Norway

News by Dean Fetzer December 21, 2012
A new translation of the Bible has become one of the hottest-selling books in Norway, contending with the likes of E. L. James and James Nesbø.

Say Cheese! 12 Terrible Photos of Bestselling Authors

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 10, 2012
If a picture is worth a thousand words, these authors need a good editor, STAT!