Say Something Nice: Good Things About Bad Books

Column by Peter Derk
Can I say something nice about some books I truly hate?

What Happens When You Stop Writing Negative Book Reviews

Column by Peter Derk June 12, 2017
This is what happens when you stop being real and start getting polite.
Author Confronts One-Star Reviewer

Author Confronts One-Star Reviewer, Confirms That This Is A Terrible Idea

News by Peter Derk October 21, 2014
Author Kathleen Hale pursued a person who gave her a 1-star review. Conclusion: everyone is horrible.
Camilla Long's review of Rachel Cusk's 'Aftermath'

The Wait is Over: Hatchet Job of the Year Goes to Camilla Long’s Review of ‘Aftermath’

News by Dean Fetzer
The best worst review of 2012 has been awarded for Rachel Cusk’s memoir of her divorce described in the Sunday Times review as “bizarre” .

ATTACKED! One Writer's Response to Criticism

Column by Ed Sikov January 13, 2012
Writers love to dish it out, but can they take it? Ed Sikov tells the tale of a writer scorned and the dropping of the other shoe. How do YOU deal with criticism?