Feedback Loop: Revisiting Autobiographical Fiction

Column by Taylor Houston December 3, 2018
In which Taylor revisits her 2012 article about autobiographical fiction and nearly twists herself into a knot trying to explain what the hell she actually meant, if anything...

It Took Me 10 Years to Publish My Poetry Collection

Column by Christoph Paul September 27, 2018
The highs, lows, and peace that comes with finally finishing a poetry collection.

Hoax! 4 Truly (or Falsely) Great Literary Frauds

Column by Ed Sikov September 1, 2016
Novelists are professional liars. This isn't news. So why do some authors feel the need to take their lying one step further and claim they're writing memoirs when they're making the whole thing up?

Leonard Nimoy: The Literary Life

Column by Christopher Shultz
He wasn't just Spock. Mr. Nimoy was both a promoter of and contributor to literature and the bookish arts. Let's explore this lesser known side of the actor.

5 Dreadful Memoirs You Never Have to Read

Column by Ed Sikov June 6, 2014
Here are five perfectly awful autobiographies that are each given a hatchet job by a smug and sarcastic writer.
Freddie Mercury and Elton John

Rock Icons Revisited: Two New Books About Reggie and Fred

Review by Joe Daly August 17, 2012
A pair of rock and roll's most legendary, flamboyant, and notorious icons are the subjects of two sharply differing accounts.
Gabby Douglas Fielding Offers from Publishers

Gabby Douglas Fielding Offers from Publishers

News by John Jarzemsky August 10, 2012
16-year-old Gabby Douglas is fielding offers to publish a book after her stunning Gymnastics performance in this year's Olympic Games.

Autobiographical Fiction: Using Your Real Life To Craft Great Fiction

Column by Taylor Houston February 29, 2012
When crafting fiction from your real life, tread lightly and follow these tips.