Why the Fµ¢% Not? Thoughts on Profanity for Writers

Column by Annie Neugebauer March 22, 2017
Whether we’re drafting, networking, tweeting, or teaching, writers have to decide on a level of profanity – even if that decision is subconscious. What should writers consider, and how do we choose?
Why 'The Revenant' Author Can't Talk About The Movie

Why 'The Revenant' Author Can't Talk About The Movie

News by Peter Derk December 30, 2015
The author of 'The Revenant' can't promote it, can't talk about it, can't even sign copies of his book.

Storyville: 8 Tips For Growing Your Brand

Column by Richard Thomas May 23, 2013
Here are some quick tips for growing your brand and enhancing your image.

Ask The Lit Coach: The Difference Between Brand and Platform and Why Every Author Needs Both

Column by Erin Reel June 11, 2012
We know authors are supposed to have a platform, but what about a brand? The Lit Coach shares why every fiction author needs both to get noticed in today's crowded lit landscape.