Tech and Product Round-up: May Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz May 15, 2017
The ups and downs of Amazon, not so smart Smart Keyboards, and a spacey means of reining in app addiction.

Tech and Product Round-up: April Edition

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Explore new ways of reading digital content and building better habits.

Tech and Product Round-Up: November Edition

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Tech and Product Round-Up: September Edition

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Tech and Product Round-up: August Edition

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Tech and Product Round-up: July Edition

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Product Review: iPad Pro

Column by Christopher Shultz April 14, 2016
It's been touted as a solid replacement for the traditional PC—but does the iPad Pro live up to the hype?
Apple Endorses Unauthorized Jobs Biography

Apple Endorses Unauthorized Jobs Biography

News by Raine Winters March 24, 2015
Want an instant bestseller? Get Apple to approve your book!
Apple Page Turn US Patent & Trademark Office

Patent System Broken: Apple Owns ‘Page Turn’

News by Dean Fetzer November 20, 2012
In another example of what is wrong with the patent system, Apple has managed to get approval for its ‘page turn’ in an eReader application.
Google's new 10" tablet, the Nexus 10

Nexus 10 - Google’s New iPad Killer Unveiled

News by Dean Fetzer November 1, 2012
Apple announces the iPad Mini and a week later, Google announces the Nexus 10 - its direct competitor for the full-sized iPad - let the battle commence!
Apple Introduces iPad Mini

Apple Introduces iPad Mini, And It Ain't Cheap

News by Rob Hart October 24, 2012
As expected, Apple unveiled the iPad Mini yesterday, but tech writers are scratching their heads over the high price, when compared to similar devices like the Kindle Fire HD.
News, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Tablets, Amazon, Apple

Barnes & Noble Introduces New Nook Tablets

News by Rob Hart September 26, 2012
Hot on the heels of announcements earlier this month of new Kindles and Kobo devices, Barnes & Noble debuted some new hardware: A 7-inch Nook HD, and a 9-inch Nook HD+.
News, Apple, Censorship, The New Yorker

Apple Afraid Of The Word 'Vagina', Censors Book Title In iTunes

News by Rob Hart September 14, 2012
In its quest to rid the world of all things offensive, Apple has deemed the word 'vagina' as too racy--even if its the title of a book.
the DOJ's lawsuit continues

The Fallout Continues: DOJ Lawsuit Means Amazon Will Slash eBook Prices; States Sue For Restitution

News by Rob Hart April 12, 2012
Amazon is preparing to slash eBook prices so it can sell more Kindles and lock in customers. Meanwhile, state attorneys general are looking for restitution on overpriced eBooks.
Department of Justice will sue Apple

UPDATE: U.S. Department Of Justice Is Suing Apple And Publishers Over eBook Pricing

News by Rob Hart
Looks like settlement talks have collapsed--the Department of Justice is suing Apple and five of the Big Six publishers for colluding on eBook pricing, charging that the agency model is anti-consumer.
Apple's Big Trouble in Big China

Apple's Big Trouble in Big China

News by John Jarzemsky March 20, 2012
Apple is being sued by a group of Chinese authors claiming the company illegally published their work in the iTunes store without compensation.
 Is Amazon Killing Literature

Friday Discussion: Is Amazon Killing Literature By Selling Tons Of Books?

News by Rob Hart March 16, 2012
J.A. Konrath and Barry Eisler dissect the Authors Guild response to the Justice Department's proposed eBooks lawsuit. It is very interesting.
U.S. Justice Department Plans To Sue Apple

The U.S. Justice Department Is Readying A Lawsuit Over eBook Pricing

News by Rob Hart March 8, 2012
The U.S. Justice Department is preparing to sue Apple and five of the Big Six publishers over eBook pricing, alleging collusion that is anti-consumer and anti-competitive.
iPad 3

Apple Bequeaths New iPad Unto The Human Race

News by Rob Hart March 7, 2012
The new iPad has arrived and it comes with some sweet new features, like a high-resolution retina display, an A5X processor, and 4G LTE. Those eBooks are going to download faster than ever...
iBook publising restrictions

Apple's New Self-Publishing App Restricts Your Work To iBooks

News by Rob Hart
Apple's new iBooks Author app, which lets writers design and self-publish their books, comes with a major restriction--if you design your book in the app, you can only sell it in iBooks.
Apple Announcement: ibooks 2, itunes u, ibooks author

Apple Makes Some Major eBook Announcements: iBooks 2, iBooks Author, iTunes U

News by Rob Hart
Apple just made some major announcements for their eBook platform- creating apps for self-published authors, interactive textbooks and college classes.
iBooks press conference?

Rumored NYC Apple Event To Focus On eBooks And Sef-Publishing?

News by Rob Hart January 4, 2012
Apple is reportedly planning a press conference for the end of the month in New York City, and rumor is the focus will be digital publishing--possibly on digital textbooks and self-publishing.
Siri and Literature

What Does Siri Know About Literature?

News by Brandon Tietz December 20, 2011
Siri knows where to stash a dead body and how to get to the closest Trader Joe's, but does she know anything about literature?
Justice Department investigates eBook pricing

U.S. Justice Department Confirms Investigation Into eBook Pricing

News by Rob Hart December 9, 2011
The U.S. Justice Department has confirmed they're investigating the pricing of eBooks--the latest probe into whether Apple and publishing houses schemed to prevent discounting.
Yet Again, Death Proves A Bestseller, AKA, R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Yet Again, Death Proves A Bestseller: R.I.P. Steve Jobs

News by Dennis Widmyer October 7, 2011
In the wake of Steve Jobs passing, Simon & Schuster has bumped up the release of his biography from late November to October 24th and already, the book tops Amazon.con's pre-order list. Surprised?