The Best of the DC Animated Universe

Column by BH Shepherd
A look at 12 of DC Comics' best animated features.

Embracing the Brutal Brilliance of Pixar

Column by Leah Dearborn
Although predominantly a children’s movie studio, Pixar is notorious for creating highly empathetic characters and then breaking viewer’s hearts by putting them through hell and back.
David Foster Wallace Animated PBS Interview

Unique Animated Interview With David Foster Wallace

News by Dean Fetzer April 18, 2013
The late author was interviewed quite a few times, but a collaboration with PBS Digital Studios brings a 1996 interview to rather beautiful life.
Animating The Prophecies Of Douglas Adams

Animating The Prophecies Of Douglas Adams

News by Kimberly Turner
A Douglas Adams audio recording predicted the rise of eBooks in 1993. Now animators from around the world are illustrating the late author's prophetic essay with videos as part of an online contest.