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Episode 34 - The Art of the Interview w/ Brian Keene & Michael David Wilson

Brian Keene & Michael David Wilson talk the art of conducting interviews. [more]

Previous Unprintable Episodes

Episode 33 - S.A. Cosby
S.A. Cosby, author of "Razorblade Tears", talks inspiration, success, and drinking.
Episode 32 - Alma Katsu Interview
Alma Katsu joined Unprintable to chat about her recent novel, "Red Widow", as well as her upcoming historical horror book, "The Fervor".
Episode 31 - Book Reviews
Sadie Hartmann and Becky Spratford talk w/ Robb about their philosophy of book reviews.
Episode 30 - Why Is Grammar So Contentious?
Grammar is just one of those things we love to talk about and obsess over. Why?
Episode 29 - Celebrating 10 Years of LitReactor!
The Unprintable podcast returns with new host Robb Olson to celebrate 10 Years of LitReactor.
Episode 28 - Bilingual Narratives, Diversity in Crime Fiction, and Cons (Guests: Gabino Iglesias & J. David Osborne)
Rob Hart and Renee Asher Pickup are joined by ZERO SAINTS author Gabino Iglesias and J. David Osborne, the editor of Broken River Books, to talk bilingual narratives, diversity in fiction, and the reception of genre fiction at AWP.
Episode 27 - Book Tours & Live Readings (Guest: Johnny Shaw)
Rob Hart and Brandon Tietz put the screws to Johnny Shaw about the art and mechanics of book tours and live readings — as well as Johnny's new novel, 'Floodgate'.
Episode 26 - The State of Transgressive Fiction (Guest: Irvine Welsh)
British politics, the war on drugs, education, A Decent Ride, Begbie and Trainspotting 2, transgressive fiction — all through the eyes of Irvine Welsh.
Episode 25 - The Bad Sex Awards (Guest: Rachel Kramer Bussel)
Sex, and lots of it. Mansplaining 'Lolita', the Notorious RBG, Humiliation, Morrissey, and the Bad Sex Awards.
Episode 24 - The US vs Europe! (Guest: Jason Starr)
Should negative reviews be met with violence? Is Jason Starr an International Man of Mystery? How do the US and European book markets differ? Plus: 'Number 11', 'A Negro and an Ofay', and 'The Second Girl'.
Episode 23 - The Halloween Horror Show (Guest: Michael Wilson of This Is Horror)
A belated Halloween episode chock full of horror movie recommends, scary book reviews, and an in-depth conversation with Michael Wilson of the popular site: This Is Horror!
Episode 22 - Meet the New Hosts
Cath introduces the newest members of the team, who promptly destroy pay-to-publish "presses", homophobic Star Wars fans, and dumber-downers of poetry.
Episode 21 - The Triumphant Return
The gang reconvenes to reanimate the podcast with the help of some fresh blood. We talk personal projects, population wars, and the wrath of Twitter.
Episode 20 - The Wild World of Fan Fiction (Guest: Anne Jamison)
Kristen Stewart is a poet, Rob got a book deal, Josh and Cath read S. in two different formats, Rob read a sexy book, and Anne Jamison knows more about Fan Fiction than any person should.
Episode 19.5 - Discussing Women's Fiction with Jessica Bell
Cath Murphy discusses "women's fiction" with "Bitter Like Orange Peel" author Jessica Bell.
Episode 19 - Pushing the Boundaries of the Reading Experience
Bret Easton Ellis and Kanye West are made for each other, Seth Rogen to give us 'Preacher' adaptation?, 'Night Film' is immensely readable, and pushing the boundaries of books with interactive media. Also, Rob is very hungover.
Episode 18 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Posthumous Novels
Bret Easton Ellis and Jonathan Franzen continue to shoot their mouths off in the press, we feature the featured workshop story feature, James Franco is the best at everything, and posthumous novels: good or bad idea?
Episode 17 - Reader/Author Interaction and the Goodreads Controversy
Two Dollar Radio goes into the talking picture business, James Bond gets sensitive, Rob does Bouchercon, reader/author interaction and the Goodreads controversy.
Episode 16 - Advocating for Books (Guest: Robb Olson from Booked.)
We put the Great Podcast War of 2013 to bed with Booked. host, Robb Olson, and discuss the mutual endeavor of book advocacy. Also, 'Fifty Shades' casting, Amazon's Matchbook, and the new Salinger documentary.
Episode 15 - The Long Hard Road to Publication (Guest: Todd Robinson)
We detail our travels abroad, mourn the passing of Elmore Leonard, discuss the Great Podcast Debacle of 2013, and hear one of the worst publishing horror stories EVER, courtesy of "The Hard Bounce" author, Todd Robinson.
Episode 14 - Bizarro Fiction (Guest: Rose O'Keefe)
What the hell is Bizarro fiction, anyway? We get the skinny from Rose O'Keefe, who runs Eraserhead press. We also do a hilarious reading of Carlton Mellick III's "The Haunted Vagina," if we do say so ourselves.
Episode 13 - Young Adult vs. New Adult (Guest: Suzy Vitello)
We discuss the differences between "New Adult" and "Young Adult" with the lovely and intelligent Suzy Vitello. Also: the cult of self-publishing, Nook Snaps, and we tell John Green to shut the fuck up.
Episode 12 - Transgressive Fiction: How Far is Too Far?
Anne Frank's surprise lady bits, Bret Easton Ellis on neutered gay public image, Sookie Stackhouse related death threats, and shock for the sake of shock are all on the menu in this tasty episode.
Episode 11 - Storytelling Cliches
Stupidity vs. sexism, bad poetry, and writing cliches are the topics du jour on this, our latest smarmy bitchfest.
Episode 10 - The Reality of Having a Bestseller (Guest: Patrick Wensink)
Special Guest Patrick Wensink discusses the pros and cons of having a best-selling novel, as well as his controversial Salon article on the same.
Episode 9: Reading Habits
The podcast crew talks about their reading habits: Binge-reading, skipping to the end, reading more than one book at once. Plus other stuff. And maybe a sexy photo contest?
Episode 8 - Inside The Mind Of A Literary Agent (Guest: Bree Ogden)
Discussing everyone's favorite non-controversial writers: Bret Easton Ellis and Orson Scott Card! New books we're reading! Publishing insight from literary agent Bree Ogden!
Episode 7 - Stories We Never Need To See Again (Guest: Joshua Mohr)
Racist children's books! Moralizing ultraconservatives! Stories we never need to see again! Plus, bonus insight from guest host Joshua Mohr!
Episode 6 - Spoilers!
The gang is back to normal and ready to take on the "Church" of Scientology, the pros and cons of clone sex, and the scourge of geeks everywhere-- spoilers!
Episode 5 - Writing Resolutions
Sleepy, cranky and behind schedule, we take on writing resolutions as well as each other.
Episode 4 - Should You Write For Free? (Guest: Craig Clevenger)
We welcome special guest, 'The Contortionist's Handbook' and 'Dermaphoria' author Craig Clevenger! We play 'Where's Craig's New Book?,' discuss unsexy sex scenes, and answer the question: Should you write for free?
Episode 3 - Should Writers Blog?
The gang discover the secret to podcasting: more sex talk! Also: the iTunes bookstore hates vaginas, another crazy person gets a LitReactor tattoo, Neil deGrasse Tyson, 'As She Climbed Across The Table' by Lethem, Writers' blogs, and the internet as time-suck.
Episode 2 - Adaptations
In Episode 2 the team mask their rage and politely discuss Sandy relief for independents, ass-wiping with "Fifty Shades," The Tobermory Cat, "Book of the New Sun," Ian Sinclair, the Parker novels, and the dreaded book-to-film adaptation.
Episode 1 - The Premiere
In our premiere episode, Cath, Rob, and Josh argue about Cloud Atlas, Tucker Max, Johnny Depp's publishing imprint, the iPad mini, and book piracy.