Shakespeare Anonymous

The Great Shakespeare Debate: Now A Major Motion Picture

October 27, 2011 (9) comments
The debate over the authorship of Shakespeare's plays rages on as "Anonymous" screenwriter John Orloff responds to Columbia Professor James Shapiro's blasting of the film.
Shut the F up, Kid

Would You Like a Side of Profanity With Your Literature?

News by Brandon Tietz
October 27, 2011 (13) comments
Curse words in book titles are a little bit more mainstream than you might think. Will the fad last?
Edgar Allan Poe's Bronx home undergoing renovations

Edgar Allan Poe's Bronx Home Undergoing Renovations

News by Rob Hart
October 27, 2011 (2) comments
Edgar Allan Poe's Bronx home is undergoing renovations, although it's unclear when it will open for visitors.
Occupy Book

Occupy Wall Street Book Due Out in December

News by Brandon Tietz
October 27, 2011 (4) comments
Striking while the iron's hot, OR Books is set to take Occupy Wall Street to print.
The Chicago Tribune literary section

The Chicago Tribune Considers Fee For New Lit Section

News by Rob Hart
October 26, 2011 (11) comments
The Chicago Tribune is considering a weekly literary section with reviews, original fiction, and articles about the local literary scene--at a cost of $2 per issue
St. Mark's Bookshop request for a rent reduction was denied

St. Mark's Bookshop Rent Reduction Request Denied

News by Rob Hart
October 26, 2011 (1) comments
The owners of St. Mark's Bookshop in New York City were denied their request for a reduction in rent, another blow to the struggling indie bookstore
Ender's Game Film

Ender's Game Is Finally Coming To The Big Screen, Courtesy of The Director of "Wolverine" and the Writer of "Transformers"

October 26, 2011 (10) comments
A release date has been set for Gavin Hood's adaptation of beloved sci-fi novel, "Ender's Game."
The check that Detective Comics paid for Superman

Own The Check That Bought Superman For A Pittance

News by Rob Hart
October 25, 2011 (2) comments
The paltry check that Detective Comics used to purchase the rights to Superman will be hitting the auction block sometime next year.
Matrix Librarian

HarperCollins to Publish "The Kings Speech" and "The Matrix" Novelizations

News by Brandon Tietz
October 25, 2011 (8) comments
HarperCollins has just obtained the rights to scripts and tie-ins for "The Matrix," "Saving Private Ryan," and "The King's Speech." More Neo on the way? Possibly.
Additional JRR Tolkien illustrations uncovered

Uncovered Tolkien Drawings Mark The 75th Anniversary Of "The Hobbit"

News by Rob Hart
October 25, 2011 (3) comments
Just in time for the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit, HarperCollins has uncovered more than 100 additional drawings JRR Tolkien made.