American Psycho Remake

"American Psycho" to Get Modernized Remake. Fans Outraged.

News by Brandon Tietz
December 9, 2011 (26) comments
Lion's Gate has tapped Noble Jones to write and direct an 'American Psycho' remake. How bad of an idea is this?
Justice Department investigates eBook pricing

U.S. Justice Department Confirms Investigation Into eBook Pricing

News by Rob Hart
December 9, 2011 (14) comments
The U.S. Justice Department has confirmed they're investigating the pricing of eBooks--the latest probe into whether Apple and publishing houses schemed to prevent discounting.
Raven's Bride Plagiarism

Lenore Hart Under Fire for Plagiarism

News by Brandon Tietz
December 8, 2011 (5) comments
Lenore Hart is the second author of late to find themselves in the middle of a plagiarism scandal, but unlike Q.R. Markham, her publisher is going to bat for her.
Driven by James Sallis

EXCLUSIVE: Far Beyond Driven—The Sequel to 'Drive' to be released in April

News by Keith Rawson
December 8, 2011 (11) comments
The Sequel to 'Drive' is coming, but will the continuation of Driver's story live up to the original?
Kurt Vonnegut's son bashes bio about iconic author

Kurt Vonnegut's Son Bashes Biography of His 'Bitter' Father

News by Rob Hart
December 8, 2011 (5) comments
Kurt Vonnegut's son is disputing a biography released last month that says the iconic author was bitter, angry and depressed in his final days.
Scarlet Spider

The Scarlet Spider Returns!

News by Brandon Tietz
December 7, 2011 (4) comments
The Scarlet Spider is considered one of the darker marks of the Spider-Man franchise. Will his return be triumphant or terrible?
Famous authors respond on subject of symbolism

'The Paris Review' Publishes 1963 Symbolism Surveys From Famous Writers

News by Rob Hart
December 7, 2011 (6) comments
'The Paris Review' has published a series of surveys a 16-year-old high school student sent to celebrated authors in 1963, on the subject of symbolism.
Amazon War on Book Stores

Amazon Wages War On Brick-And-Mortar Stores

News by Rob Hart
December 7, 2011 (5) comments
Amazon will offer discounts to shoppers who scan bar codes at stores and upload them through the Amazon app--a practice that could spell bad news for indie bookstores.
Amanda Knox Book Deal

Amanda Knox Looking to Sign Book Deal

News by Brandon Tietz
December 6, 2011 (8) comments
Amanda Knox, who was charged with murdering her college roommate back in 2007, is looking to sign a juicy book deal.
 Christ the Lord; Out of Egypt

Anne Rice Novel About A 7-Year-Old Jesus Being Made Into Film

News by Rob Hart
December 6, 2011 (1) comments
Anne Rice's novel, 'Christ the Lord; Out of Egypt', has been optioned for a movie--with a controversial writer tapped to write the screenplay.