Write an Essay, Win a Goat Farm

Write an Essay, Win a Goat Farm

Leslie and Paul Spell of Elkmont, Alabama have launched an essay contest. The reward? Their $350,000 goat farm, reports Mashable.

The Spells made the decision to reward the best essay with the 20-acre farm after they discovered many interested buyers couldn’t afford the original price tag. The winner’s package includes the mortgage-free home, 85 goats, and a lesson in making goat cheese for any inexperienced parties.

With a $150 entry fee, the Spells are banking on at least 2,500 entries—enough to pay off the remainder of their mortgage and gift the contest winners with an extra $20,000. Participants should pen a 200-word essay about why he or she would be an ideal owner for continuing the “farmstead goat cheese tradition.”

For information about the farm and contest rules, visit the Spells’ website.

Raine Winters

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