Best of Both Worlds: Combination Bar and Bookstore Opens in Indianapolis

Combination Bar and Bookstore Opens in Indianapolis

The idea of curling up with a good book and a good brew (alcoholic or otherwise) goes back about as far as Gutenberg himself, but most of the time if you want to enjoy a beer while you catch up on your Pynchon, you either have to try to maintain your concentration in a noisy, dimly lit bar, or you have to have a very long and awkward conversation with the manager at Barnes and Noble about the six-pack you're cradling in your lap. Neither situation is optimal.

There are some quieter bars that cater to a literary crowd, we've even reported on them, but a new bar in Indianapolis is taking things a few steps further than the ones that turn on a couple reading lamps and call themselves a literary haunt. 

Books & Brews is not only a small indie's not even just a small indie bookstore with a bar in the back, it's a bookstore with a brewery and a restaurant inside. For many writers, a place like this seems like a dream and fulfills all three of a writer's needs: an endless supply of books, an endless supply of coffee, and an endless supply of beer. They even brew their own beer with literary-inspired names.

As reported in the Indianapolis Star, following a Kickstarter campaign and taking a few hints from a similar bookstore/bar, Spotty Dog Books & Ale, Books & Brews decided to set up shop on the north side of Indianapolis, far from any literary hotspots. 

Maybe Books & Brews could be the start of a trend of breweries that also function as bookstores. As long as bookworms and barflies can keep it civil, there may be a future in this interesting business model.

Sean May

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