Shatner Singularity: Shatner's New Comics Imprint

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Shatner Singularity: Shatner's New Comics Imprint

William Shatner, best known this point, possibly Star Trek, possibly being a Priceline advertising character, or possibly for sparking a lot of conversations along the lines of "What's happening with that guy's hair?", has announced a deal with LNL Partners to create his own line of comics.

Most of the comics will be written and/or conceived by Shatner himself, however Stan Lee has signed on to put out at least one graphic novel.

The name of this new line might be the best part: Shatner Singularity.

The singularity, of course, refers to the time period in which machines surpass human understanding and begin designing and improving themselves. We can only assume that the Shatner Singularity refers to the time in which William Shatner surpasses human understanding.

The full list of forthcoming Shatner Singularity titles will be announced on November 1st. 

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jyh from VA is reading whatever he feels like October 22, 2015 - 2:18pm

TekWorld Omnibus?