Scared About Reading Your Writing In Public? We Can Help.

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Reading your writing in public can be a very daunting, terrifying task. I've been doing it for years, and only now am I at a point where I feel comfortable. 

Experience helps. But confidence doesn’t just come from experience. Being prepared can be the single most effective way to make a live reading less stressful—and even fun. I'm talking simple, actionable techniques you can use to ensure that your reading is going to connect with the audience. 

To help do that, I recruited Johnny Shaw, author of Big Maria, Dove Season, and Plaster City, to teach Drop the Mic, a two-week workshop on live readings. 

The reason Johnny is perfect to teach this? Because whenever he reads, he always goes last. He's the reader nobody wants to follow. Because he consistently kills it.

Here's what two Noir at the Bar organizers had to say about Johnny's reputation: 

At the very first Noir at the Bar in New York, I read after Johnny Shaw. It was horrible… I still wake up screaming. Every writer needs to learn how to read from their work. Johnny is the best at what he does, even though what he does isn't very nice. Or is that Wolverine? Johnny Shaw is the Wolverine of readings. Just taller. What was the question?

—Todd Robinson, author, editor of Thuglit, and Noir at the Bar NYC organizer

Johnny Shaw sets the standard for live readings. Every time he reads for us at Noir at the Bar he brings the house down. Funny, action-packed, and polished, Shaw always entertains and always appears rehearsed and professional. Other writers could learn a lot.

—Eric Beetner, author and Noir at the Bar LA co-host

I can tell you from personal experience, this guy is the goods. This is the kind of class I wish I had access to earlier in my career. 

This class is going to be a mix of real techniques, real advice—and a practice reading. You'll perform a piece in a Google Chat or Skype environment, with your fellow classmates and Johnny as the audience. What better test run is there? You don't even have to leave your house! 

This is a great opportunity to step up your reading game. And if you plan to pursue writing in any professional capacity, you're going to need to do that.

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