Pew Research Center's 7 Wonders Of The Library World

7 Wonders Of The Library World

The Pew Research Center has released what they're calling seven "surprises" about libraries as discovered by a recent survey.

What are they?

1. It turns out that young people aged 16-29 are just as likely to visit the library as people over age 65.

Take that, large print section!

2. About 10% of Americans don't use libraries, yet most of them still think libraries are important.

It might not sound that amazing, but for large groups of Americans to recognize that the greater good doesn't always align with individual points of view is pretty mind blowing.

3. Only 4% of Americans read eBooks exclusively.

Ebook readership is on the rise, but it looks like digital still hasn't managed to replace print the way DVD replaced VHS or CDs replaced tapes.

4. The choice of eBook or print media depends on the situation.

When people need something quick and easy to take on a trip, eBooks win. Reading to kids and sharing books with friends are still print's domain. The closest split comes for reading in bed, 45% preferring eBooks, 43% preferring print.

5. People who use libraries are more likely to purchase books than those who don't.

Definitely important to note, publishers. And authors. Don't hesitate to get your book into the library for fear of losing sales.

6. Most patrons are willing to get reading advice from a librarian based on past reading selections.

At one time this was a big creep factor. However, it's likely the tolerance for online stalking has been raised in the last several years, what with Amazon and Facebook recommending purchases based on a user's recent past. Anyone who has seen a large number of Facebook sidebar ads for online dating has a whole different idea of machines rising for "Judgment" Day.

7. When asked whether the library should rearrange books and library space, respondents were split in thirds with answers of "definitely", "definitely not", and "maybe."

Feels a little like we've fallen flat on the last one here. When asked a question, people responded Yes, No, or Maybe in equal measure. Fascinating.

Are you surprised? Does this fit in with what you see at your library and in your groups of friends?

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L.W. Flouisa from Tennessee is reading More Murakami July 1, 2014 - 7:19pm

I need the library because I'm dead broke.

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thesexylibrarian July 24, 2014 - 6:59pm

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