On The Hunt: Product Hunt Launches Book Service


Head over to Product Hunt today, and you're likely to find some new, cool gizmos, gadgets, and apps. An app that helps you be a better driver, a robot that makes the perfect cup of tea, and what collection would be complete without a solar panel that folds like paper?

And today, Product Hunt has beta-launched a new section that focuses on an old technology: books.

Product Hunt's new Books section will feature a book club, AMA's with authors, and other book-related content. The site will also launch a Readathon this weekend, and participants will be encouraged to attend live meet-ups and in-person book clubs.

Product Hunt recently launched a gaming section, and though they've seen success with that, there are some questions as to whether books will have the same appeal. Will PH be able to separate good and great books the way they do with new products? And more importantly, will books be handled with the same care as technology and games:

Unlike with gaming, the company hasn’t hired someone full-time from the literary community to spearhead the category and build connections. As a result, [founder Ryan] Hoover suspects a lot of the book submissions initially will be technology-centric, since that’s Product Hunt’s current audience. It runs the risk of painting itself into a corner, becoming known in the publishing world as a place where only tech books are welcome.

Anyone looking to check out a Readathon this weekend? The book chosen for the event is the new Elon Musk biography.

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