October Book Club Selection: 'The Booked. Anthology'

October Book Club Selection: 'The Booked. Anthology'

Every month here at LitReactor, we celebrate reading with a new selection in our Book Club. For October we will be reading and discussing The Booked. Anthology, edited by Pela Via.  Here's a synopsis:

Booked. They've traveled the country tirelessly for two years, with stops in Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, Milwaukee, L.A., North Korea, The Dark Side of the Moon, and damn near every Waffle House along the way, all in order to bring you, the listener, over 150 episodes, and over 75 authors. They've won awards, covered scoops, scandals, archived hours of authors acting badly. They've broken a few hearts on this journey - their voices can be like Russian Roulette in the headphones of the unsuspecting - but now they've called in their markers to leave their own stain on the literary landscape. And you're holding it in your hands, or your hook, which would probably tear the hell out of lesser books. But not this one. All original stories, multiple genres, never been seen, never been read. It's their way of giving back. Although these authors probably consider it more like theft. The Booked. Anthology. There's a period in the middle because it's that serious to say it out loud. Featuring Stories by: TW Brown, Craig Clevenger, Chris Deal, Joshua Alan Doetsch, Christopher J Dwyer, Sean P Ferguson, Matthew C Funk, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Amanda Gowin, Nikki Guerlain, Seth Harwood, Kevin Lynn Helmick, Gordon Highland, Anthony David Jacques, David James Keaton, Nik Korpon, Bob Pastorella, Cameron Pierce, Mark Rapacz, Caleb J Ross, Axel Taiari, Richard Thomas, Paul Tremblay, Fred Venturini, and Craig Wallwork.

Discussion for The Booked. Anthology will kick off on October 1st, but you should pick up the book and start reading ASAP!  (We've provided a handy link below). Once you're locked and loaded, you can announce your presence in the Book Club. (No invitation needed!)  That thread is where all discussion about the book will go down.

If you go to BookedPodcast.com and order your electronic copy of the book from there, you can put in the discount code LR50 and get the eBook for $4 until the end of October.

If you read our September Book Club selection, The Cost of Living by Rob Roberge , make sure you check out that thread as discussion there has officially started.

Happy reading!

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