New Kids' Book Written For Zombie Youngsters

A Brain Is For Eating

Is your son or daughter a zombie? Do you find it difficult to teach them about proper diet? How about finding the time to teach them how to hunt down the living? Fortunately, there's a new instructional (and adorable!) book for your little flesh-eaters called A Brain Is For Eating. Here's a nice summation of the text from FearNet:

Human kids have books that teach them everything from the alphabet to pooping. Why shouldn't the undead kids have their own book? That is where A Brain is for Eating by Dan and Amelia Jacobs comes in. Described as "A book for zombie children that teaches the little walking undead how to find their next meal," A Brain is for Eating teaches zombie kids about things like the zombie food pyramid (it's all brains) and why it's okay to eat a liver, lung, or even a spleen. Illustrations by Scott Brundage really tie the book together.

You can purchase a physical or digital copy of A Brain Is For Eating directly from the authors' website

Any other good instructional books for your zombie kids? How about monsters in general—vampires, werewolves? My cousin Rosemary's baby is the spawn of Satan—what books should she read?

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