New J.D. Salinger Book and Documentary in Works

New J.D. Salinger Book and Documentary

A new biography of the author of The Catcher in the Rye is due out this September. Described as an “oral biography”, The Private War of J.D. Salinger by David Shields and Shane Salerno is based on interviews with Salinger’s former colleagues and close friends which Salerno has been conducting since 2004.

Simon & Schuster will be publishing Private War… which came to editor Jofie Ferrari-Adler’s attention following a story about Salerno’s efforts in Newsweek.

The project has been the subject of much speculation since a 2010 Newsweek story, ‘Salinger Like You’ve Never Seen Him’, about the work-in-progress.

Shields and Salerno have been working to shape the interviews into a book which will include never before seen photos of Salinger. Salerno has also directed a documentary to be aired on American Masters in January 2014.

It’s always interesting seeing new material about people that lived before the internet — particularly authors as famous as Salinger. What do you think?

Dean Fetzer

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John Paul Jaramillo from Colorado is reading The Burning Plain by Juan Rulfo January 30, 2013 - 7:37am

I believe there was an A&E biography episode. And I've seen some small budget Youtube videos interviewing military academy folks on Salinger. Such a private person and writer and I'd like to see the doc.

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JeffreyCotton November 13, 2022 - 8:21am

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FOsborne21 January 25, 2023 - 11:37pm

The Salinger Book and Documentary in Works are based on the true story of a young man who went on to become a famous novelist. Now you can explore the life of author J.D. Salinger, his family and friends and his book The Catcher in the Rye in this fascinating 5-part documentary series by screenwriter Matthew Weiner. Need you can visit PureWL for more new things about the technology. The website covers Salinger's life up until his death on January 27th 2010, while also providing quotes by the author and commentary on current events of his time.