New App 'Sequential' Offers Literary Graphic Novels for iPad

Sequential app

A new iPad app Sequential—well, new to the U.S. anyway—provides a digital storefront for graphic novels with a more literary bent. The app made a splash in the U.K. back in May, priming it for a launch here in the states.

So what's a literary graphic novel? Publisher's Weekly cites Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, a coming of age tale set in Tehrran during the Islamic Revolution. I can think of no better example, honestly. Good job, PW.

The app's name relates to one of its features. Here's PW's Heidi MacDonald with more:

Sequential offers its comics in its own proprietary formats: “Panel Mode” offers a one panel at a time reading experience, while “Sequential Mode” offers more slideshow effects. These join Comixology’s well-known “Guided View” and Amazon’s own “Panel View” as different methods of transferring a page to digital—all of which can offer additional storytelling devices. Some releases will offer DVD-like extra features...

The works of Alan Moore, David Lloyd, Brian Bolland, Eddie Campbell, Hunt Emerson and Hannah Eaton are already available on Sequential, with more soon to follow. There's even plans to begin selling out-of-print books through Panel Nine.

Right now, Sequential is only available on iPad, but an Android app is coming. I'd like to see a cross-device iOS app, so I can do my shopping on my iPhone as well.

Who's going to download Sequential right now?

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