Missouri Senator Filibusters Using 50-Cent's Book

Missouri Senator Filibusters Using 50-Cent's Book

How did the Missouri Senate end up with a readaloud of 50-Cent's book of advice? And does that advice contain lyrics about loving someone like a fat kid loves cake?

In order to filibuster and prevent passage of a bill, Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal read from 50-Cent's The 50th Law in the Missouri Senate for almost an hour on Monday.

The law in question was, basically, a tax that would provide raises for law enforcement officers in the area. And just in case you haven't heard any news in the last couple years, Missouri has some *cough* concerns about law enforcement.

The 50th Law is 50-Cent's co-authored book that he calls "A Bible for success" that follows his achievements "from the streets to the boardroom."

Maybe a quote?

All human activities involve a process of mastery. You must learn the various steps and procedures involved, proceeding to higher and higher levels of proficiency. This requires discipline and tenacity—the ability to withstand repetitive activity, slowness, and the anxiety that comes with such a challenge.

Which does feel a little like a more bookish way of saying what he said in "Patiently Waiting":

I've been patiently waiting for a track to explode on
You can stun if you want and your ass will get rolled on
It feels like my flows been hot for so long
If you thinking I'm fucking fall off your so wrong

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