McDonald’s to Offer eBooks With Food

McDonald’s to Offer eBooks With Food

A while back we reported that McDonalds was offering books with their happy meals in a bid to give away nine million copies of Michael Morpurgo's Mudpuddle Farm books.

Now, in a move that is bound to be emulated by the publishing industry, they’re exploring a new eBook distribution model by giving away eBooks from Dorling Kindersley’s Amazing World series.

The eBooks are meant to be educational for children and families and the partnership seems tied to a Happy Meal book giveaway, wherein a free book will be given away with every purchase for the first two weeks of November. The company plans on donating some 20 million books. It’s unclear if the eBook promotion involves some sort of bundling with Happy Meal purchases, as a McDonald’s press release seems to imply.

Apparently the first book available with the purchase of a Happy Meal will be The World’s Greatest Cities and could well be a way of reaching new readers.

This kind of deal — exposing readers to compelling content at times when they may not be thinking about books, like when they’re not shopping for them — may offer publishers wary of Amazon’s growing control over the book distribution market in the U.S. a way to diversify how they deliver content to readers.

I think this is just another phase of publishers looking at alternative ways to get books out there, but it may well be a novel way to find a new audience. Would you buy a Happy Meal just to get an eBook?

Dean Fetzer

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You won't trick me into eating McDonalds!