LitRecapper: The Deuce Is Loose


Well LitReactors, it looks as though we made it through another week. We continued to provide you with kickass content, and you continued to shower us with love and affection like Nelson. Let's go to the videotape.

  • We gave you an unprecedented look inside Chuck Palahniuk and friend's famed writer's workshop, complete with new video interviews with the man himself.
  • We gave you a 3 minute sneak peek of Lit Coach Erin Reel's upcoming Character DNA class (lot's of video this week.) Improve your second draft by whipping those characters into shape!
  • Workshop members were treated to a brand new craft essay from Craig "Grammar Rodeo" Clevenger entitled Cave Men, Sharks, and the Doors of Perception. As expected, the man drops some serious knowledge.
  • Two of our workshop members earned the Journeyman achievement for reviewing 25 workshop submissions. (This actually happened on the ass-end of last week, which makes it that much more impressive.) Congratulations to Meach and Brandon! They are currently perched atop our Leaderboard, with members postpomo, Michael Combs, and bryanhowie rounding out the top 5. Let's hear it for peer review!
  • Our discussion forum continues to thrive. Check out this humorous thread about the many possibilities of LitReactor merchandising. Get in on the conversation on the ground floor.
  • Our innagural Bookclub selection has been announced in the forums. The book is Stay God, by Nik Korpon, and the discussion will be led by our very own Charles, from Portland. OR-RE-GONE!
  • Next month is National Novel Writing Month. We've already featured one NaNoWriMo themed article, An Exquisite Corpse by Taylor Houston, and there are more to come. Meanwhile, check out the ongoing NaNoWriMo discussion thread HERE.

Tune in next week for more new reviews, craft, and industry columns; a primer on Philip Roth; a literary showdown between Water For Elephants and Geek Love (!); and our interview with Chuck Palahniuk to celebrate the release of his latest, Damned.

Until next time, people.

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