LitReactor is Now a Bookshop Affiliate

LitReactor is Now a Bookshop Affiliate

Bookshop to the rescue?  Maybe.

According to InsideHook, there is no reason to buy books from Amazon anymore.

That remains to be seen, but since Amazon's updated API code isn't jiving with our site and we like to support the little guy, we have decided to become a Bookshop affiliate. 

Basically, this means all product links included in future LitReactor columns will point to corresponding items on the Bookshop website. A portion of any purchase you make there will go to support independent booksellers (and us!). Full details are available in the Bookshop FAQ.

You can also check out the LitReactor Shop, where we will feature curated lists such as Books By the LitReactor Staff and LitReactor Staff Favorites.

Jacey Cockrobin

News by Joshua Chaplinsky

Joshua Chaplinsky is the Managing Editor of He is the author of ‘Kanye West—Reanimator’ and the story collection 'Whispers in the Ear of A Dreaming Ape.' His short fiction has been published by Vice, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Thuglit, Severed Press, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, Clash Books, Pantheon Magazine and Broken River Books. Follow him on Twitter at @jaceycockrobin. More info at

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