July Book Club Selection: 'Toxicity' by Max Booth III

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Every month here at LitReactor, we celebrate reading with a new selection in our Book Club. For July we will be reading and discussing Toxicity by Max Booth III. 


When Maddox Kane is released from prison after serving a ten year stretch, he has one thing on his mind: reconnecting with his daughter.
Problem: his ex-wife and her new junkie husband have other plans, and it's going to cost Maddox a small fortune to buy his share of custody. His daughter, on the other hand, has other priorities to attend to—such as coming up with enough cash to skip town before the cops find a certain body decomposing in the woods.

Darkly comedic and absurdly tragic, Toxicity is a tale of horrible things happening to horrible people.


Max Booth III is the author of two novels: Toxicity (April 2014) and The Mind is a Razorblade (September 2014). He has also written two story collections: They Might Be Demons and True Stories Told By a Liar (now out of print). He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Since 2011 he has been the Assistant Editor of Dark Moon Digest and has edited numerous anthologies. He writes online for LitReactor, Zombie POP, and Revolt Daily. He has studied under Craig Clevenger and award winning editor, Jennifer Brozek.

Max was born in Northern Indiana. He has worked as a cashier, stockboy, copy editor, and hotel night auditor. He currently lives in San Antonio, Texas with his life partner and dachshund. Follow him on Twitter @GiveMeYourTeeth for random drunken ramblings and visit him at TalesFromTheBooth.com.

He is currently working on his third novel, Giving Up the Ghost.

Discussion for Toxicity will kick off on July 1st, but you should pick up the book and start reading ASAP!  (We've provided a handy link below). Once you're locked and loaded, you can announce your presence in the Book Club. (No invitation needed!)  That thread is where all discussion about the book will go down.

If you read our June Book Club selection, The New Black: A Neo Noir Anthology, edited by Richard Thomas, make sure you check out that thread as discussion there has officially started.

Happy reading!

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Christopher Enzi's picture
Christopher Enzi from San Francisco is reading Product Details The Red Hot Typewriter: The Life and Times of John D. MacDonald July 6, 2014 - 6:26pm

Okay. I read this.

TOXICITY could probably make some money with the right handling. That said, the fact that it has been published with typos and grammar problems on almost every page indicates that it is not getting said handling. Even if professional proof readers aren't available, three friends or college students casting an eye over this could have combed out some tangles. Too bad. It could be ... a product!

TOXICITY is not so much a novel as sort of a novelisation of a video game based on a graphic novel. I like Tarantino pics as much as anyone. I also see and read other things. I appreciate literature being honed to a point where any influences are less glaring. That is as close as anyone is likely to get to talking about TOXICITY as literature. I am surprised that LitReactor has chosen this for Book Club. I feel stupider for having read it.