John Grisham Gives Away New Book for Free

John Grisham Gives Away New Book for Free

Successful authors wield a powerful weapon in their fan base. Using his or her writing skills to benefit a cause has the potential to reach millions among the masses. This is what John Grisham hopes to do in order to raise awareness for a potential cancer treatment.

Grisham’s latest book, The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller, aims to educate readers about focused ultrasound treatment, reports Fox 8 News. The best part? He’s giving it away for free.

As a friend of Dr. Neal Kassell, the neurosurgeon who founded the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, Grisham felt compelled to write the book to promote the cause.

The author told the Washington Post he believes that the subject matter of the 49-page story “has the potential to one day save or prolong millions of lives.”  The Amazon description describes the book as one that “provides readers with a fictional account of how a real, new medical technology could revolutionize the future of medicine by curing with sound.”

The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller is available through Amazon or the foundation’s website.

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