'Irredeemable' Comics Coming To The Big Screen

What happens when you give the powers of a god to someone who's not emotionally capable of handling them?

That's the question that launched Irredeemable, Mark Waid's comic about a Superman gone wrong, which is now being adapted for film by Adam McKay (Ant-Man, The Big Short) and Tommy Wirkola (Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters).

Irredeemable follows The Plutonian, a character with Superman-esque powers and abilities who starts to lose his grasp on his humanity, eventually turning against the human race, at which point it's up to a group of lesser superheroes to bring the Plutonian down. 

The series is notable for taking typical superhero tropes and turning them on their heads, and for taking an emotionally-fascinating, yet action-packed tour of a new universe of heroes and villains. It's a story that asks a lot of big questions, but doesn't skimp on throwing big punches. In fact, the series starts with a bang as the Plutonian destroys an entire city, kills millions of innocent people, and murders his former ally, The Hornet. That's the beginning of issue #1.

Writer Mark Waid:

To be brutally, unflinchingly honest, a lot of it came out of some of the personal epiphanies I had as I entered my late thirties and early forties and really started to get a handle on some of the dark, warped ideas you could potentially take away from the American superhero myth if your point-of-view were a little skewed.

How one way, for instance, to look at the conceit of the superhero with the secret identity is that people love you not for who you really are but only for what you can do. Or that hiding behind a cape may be the only way to cope with the derision and fear you instill in others.

The comic has sold over a million copies and won Waid an Eisner award for Best Writer.

Interestingly enough, BOOM! Studios, publisher of Irredeemable, is said to be the largest owner of independent comic book properties after Marvel and D.C., and the success of the Irredeemable movie could bring a brand new universe of superhero stories to the screen.

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