Huge Book Demonstrates Vast Size Of Solar System

Mishka Henner's 'Astronomical'

via io9:

I'm always excited when my love for books and my love for science collide. Like this: Astronomical, a scale model of our solar system in book form. 

It's a project by artist Mishka Henner--twelve 500-page volumes, where each page represents a million kilometers. On page 1 is the Sun, and on page 6,000 is Pluto. Scattered throughout, you'll find planets. But otherwise, there's just a lot of blank, black pages, representing the vast emptiness of space.

Henner says he has "read" the entire collection and found the process "meditative." 

In the video below, watch as he flips through the first volume, where we find the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt. Then keep in mind that there are 11 more volumes to go, and marvel at how small and insignificant the human race is on the scale of existence. 

You can order Astronomical from the artist's website. It's print-on-demand, and going for £100 ($156) plus shipping (though it says that's for orders 1-10, and I don't know what exactly he means by that). 

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Kirk's picture
Kirk from Pingree Grove, IL is reading The Book Of The New Sun January 26, 2012 - 8:58am

You're not going to believe this, Rob, but that is a book I would actually take a print copy of!

wickedvoodoo's picture
wickedvoodoo from Mansfield, England is reading stuff. January 26, 2012 - 9:05am

That right there is genious. Yet so retarded. I want it!

Laramore Black's picture
Laramore Black from Joplin, Missouri is reading Mario Kart 8 January 26, 2012 - 1:47pm

Expect my next art novel collection for the surface of different oceans soon.
Actually, that isn't a bad idea. I could throw in some dolphins, fishermen, and oil spills.

Typewriter Demigod's picture
Typewriter Demigod from London is reading "White Noise" by DeLilo, "Moby-Dick" by Hermann Mellivile and "Uylsses" by Joyce January 26, 2012 - 3:10pm

There's a typo in the document. It reads,

scale model of the universe.


when it should read


scale model of our solar system

postpomo's picture
postpomo from Canada is reading words words words January 26, 2012 - 7:16pm

and apparently Space is denser than atoms...

Gayle Towell's picture
Gayle Towell from North Plains, Oregon January 27, 2012 - 9:26am

and apparently Space is denser than atoms...

not following...

Laurel Kornfeld's picture
Laurel Kornfeld June 28, 2013 - 4:11pm

Thank you for including Planet Pluto!