Gaiman vs. Handler In The Great Book Giveaway

Handler and Gaiman

If you happened to stop by Washington Square Park in NYC earlier this week, you just might have gotten the chance to take a free book. From Neil Gaiman. Or Daniel Handler.

The duo teamed up with the Uni Project for a little healthy competition. Whoever gives out the largest number of free books in 30 minutes wins.

The stage was set, the shelves were stocked, and the sun brought the temperature to a balmy 24-degrees Fahrenheit.

During the 30 minutes, the authors gave out galleys for their new books, and what really makes the project cool, they handed out copies of National Book Award finalists as well.

Who won? Handler's answer was "Literature." Which is kind of lame for those of us hyper-jocks who want a winner and a loser.

My personal answer? Readers. Who got some great books and met some authors who were very generous with their time. Which I now realize is an even lamer answer. Pro tip: if you're going to say something like "we all won," carry straws in your pocket. They work great as a snorkel when hyper-jocks close you inside a locker.

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