Festival to Premiere Library Made Entirely of Books

Library Made Entirely of Books
Image via GalleyCat

FLUX Foundation, a nonprofit group devoted to designing public art as a way to spark education, collaboration, and empowerment, will create a library made entirely out of books at the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival this June, reports GalleyCat.

Lacuna, as the project is called, has a design that “focuses attention on the historical importance of books as a means of spreading knowledge and their more typical ascription as objects of knowledge by inviting participants to directly manipulate and alter its structure,” states the Bay Area Book Festival website.

Participants will be able to remove books from the walls as they browse the installation. As this occurs, the design and layout of the library will be altered, thus manipulating shadow, lighting, and the experience of sound. The reason behind this unique format, as the website describes, is a great one.

Like a library, this structure creates a uniquely collaborative, civic space where we can collectively appreciate the important and varied contributions of the writers, artists, editors, readers, and listeners whose lives are enriched by our collective literary landscape.

Lacuna will be built out of 50,000 books donated to FLUX by the Internet Archive and will be located in downtown Berkeley, California in the MLK Civic Center Park. The installation will be open to the public from June 5th to the 7th. Not only is admission free, but all the books removed from the structure will be given without charge to festivalgoers as well.

While the concept of Lacuna sounds epic, the creators personally had me at “free books!”

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