Do You Have What It Takes To Write For LitReactor? Do You?!

Do You Have What It Takes To Write For LitReactor?

We're hiring. Do you have what it takes, punk? Here's the deal:

There are two types of posts that go up at LitReactor. News and columns. Here's what columns look like. They're pretty involved, and cover a wide range of subjects, and we pay you to write them. Here's what news items look like. They're shorter, quicker, and you write them pro bono. But they're fun!

We want people with writing/blogging experience. We want people who write fast, clean, and accurate. Our editors are here to polish your work, not do it for you. 

If you want to apply, here's what you need to send us: 

  • An email explaining why you want to write for LitReactor, and a run-down of your experience (embedded in email is fine, it doesn't have to be a full-on fancy-pants resume).
  • Two pitches for columns that you'd like to write for us. Just two. Put some thought into it. If you pitch an article about the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing, we will stop reading. Think outside the box. 
  • Links to other sites you've written for, and pieces you've written. If you've got a bunch, choose your best three. That's the max we want to see. Three.
  • Tell us what your specialty is; we're particularly interested in people to cover craft, horror, popular literature, and YA.
  • Tell us if you're interested in just columns, or columns and the occasional news post (you don't have to write news posts to apply—it's a volunteer position). 

Get us at The cut-off is one week from today. So Wednesday of next week is the last day we'll accept applications. Anything after that will be incinerated.

If we're interested, we'll be in touch. 

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