comiXology Announces Self-Publishing Service 'Submit'

comiXology Self-Publishing Service 'Submit'

ComiXology, an online market place for digital comics, has officially opened the doors of their self-publishing platform, Submit. This will allow independent and aspiring comic authors to showcase their work alongside titles from DC and Marvel, amongst others.

For those unfamiliar with the site, comiXology was founded in 1997, but didn't really take off until 2010 with the release of their iOS app and their cloud-based, "buy once, read anywhere" platform. Now, according to their website, comiXology offers "the broadest library of comic book content from the top 75 publishers."

Co-founders John D. Roberts and David Steinberger hope to broaden this scope by integrating more independent authors and artists. In a press release published at Comic Book Resources, Roberts said, "This is... about making sure we always have the best, most diverse content available, the best reading and buying experience, and at the same time, supporting comic book creators around the globe."

There's no fee to use Submit, but there's also no guarantee of publication, as comiXology must approve each title under review. From the Submit guidelines page:

The high quality of our customer experience is the key to comiXology's success, and something that we do not take lightly. For this reason we will be choosy about what type of content we accept on our digital comics platform.

Steinberger and Roberts do not elaborate on this, but do promise more specific definitions of their criteria are on the way.

Profits are split 50/50 between the comic's creator and comiXology after processing fees are paid to various channels. For instance, if the comic is purchased through the iOS app, comiXology pays Apple first, then splits the remaining balance with the artist.

As The Verge reports, Submit is not the first comic self-publishing service. Graphicly has been around for a little over a year and offers an "upload once, distribute everywhere" platform similar to that of Smashwords. It's also free to join, but I can't find info on profit distribution. There doesn't seem to be an approval process either, meaning anyone who wants to self-publish can do so. On the other hand, comiXology offers a non-exclusive arrangement, so creators could feasibly use both services.

What do all you comic artists/graphic novelists out there think? Would you use Submit or a similar service? Are there any other alternative platforms you'd recommend?

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