Colorado Highway Becomes Book Dump

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Colorado Highway Becomes Book Dump

Book critique? General littering? Modern art? Statement on the inconvenience of print media?

Whatever it is, someone's dumping books in the median on a Colorado highway, and in pretty hefty quantities, up to 50 at a time.

Authorities first noticed someone tossing books in the median on Colorado's Highway 287 about two months ago. And since then, they've collected over 300 discarded volumes.

The first drops were mostly romance paperbacks, but now the selections have expanded to include just about everything from sci-fi to World War II non-fiction to legal thrillers.

Colorado Department of Transportation tried to use machinery to collect the books, but the books jammed the machines. I assume the machines sucked in the books, read them at great speed like Johnny Five, learned to love, and then died from the overwhelming nature of emotion and passion contained within human romance novels. Regardless, road workers have to pick up the books by hand.

CDOT spokesperson Jared Fiel:

Sending guys out there in the middle of the median is a safety issue...These guys have more important things to do.

Insert jokes about the importance of multiple lunch breaks and having a group of five guys watch one guy work.

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