Check out Liam Sweeny's ARREST US! Story in the New Issue of Thuglit

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The second ARREST US! winner has landed! 

Issue 15 of Thuglit is now available, and it includes "The Wrong Hammer" by Liam Sweeny, one of the three stories that the magazine's editor-in-chief, Todd Robinson, plucked out of our writing challenge for those hallowed, blood-stained pages. 

And this issue includes a special bonus: A sneak peek at my debut novel New Yorked! Todd found himself with a few extra pages and offered to run a portion of chapter one—which I'm sure he did purely out of the kindness of his own heart, and not because of those incriminating pictures I found. I mean, I knew he liked Godzilla, but...

Er, anyway...

The final ARREST US! winner—Devon Robbins—will appear in the next issue. Click here to learn more about the prizes.

Here's an excerpt from Liam's story...

In rough hands, calloused from weekends under his 1975 B-body Plymouth Fury, was the shield. Not the piece of shit he pinned to his beige button-down shirt every day to stroll empty rooms and empty lots with a fat keychain and a Maglite over at Pantheon. No, his shield, the New Rhodes Police department, shiny gold electroplate in relief to the city’s brilliant blue seal. The shield that mattered; the one that gave him the power over life and death.

Hank Farley gripped the shield, felt its edges bite into his palm. He reached for the can of Milwaukee’s Best without looking. Didn’t need to; the sweat from hundreds of cans had formed a permanent coaster on the table by the La-Z-Boy. No matter how many times Susan tried to scrub it away, it raised up in defiance...

Pick up the issue to read the rest of the story—along with some more kickass crime fiction. 

Image of THUGLIT Issue Fifteen
Manufacturer: Thuglit Publishing
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Image of New Yorked (Ash McKenna)
Author: Rob Hart
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Polis Books (2015)
Binding: Paperback, 304 pages

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