Check out Devon Robbin's ARREST US! Story in the New Issue of Thuglit

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The third ARREST US! winner has landed in the hallowed, blood-stained pages of Thuglit. 

Issue 16 is now available, and it includes "Alchemy and Atrophy" by Devon Robbins, one of the three stories that the magazine's editor-in-chief, Todd Robinson, plucked out of our writing challenge to be featured in the magazine. Click here to learn more about the prizes.

Here's an excerpt from Devon's story...

By the time the officers arrive, the fire has punched a hole in the roof of the cabin. Flames dance around inside the black smoke, coughing out embers as if newborn stars. A dog barks somewhere in the distance. Violent and hard-hearted. And I keep waiting, for the strength to pull myself out of the snow. To see myself in third person, a ghost, stepping away from my burned and battered body.

Pain can only grow to a certain point before it disappears. Then it’s only there when you move. When the charred strip of muscle in your tricep tears as you try to reach out to a passing officer.

He tells me to stay still, his hand hovering over my chest, afraid to touch the blisters.

“Is there anyone else inside?”

And, hey, also—I have a story in this issue, too! Check out "Drone" to find out what happens when two not-very-smart criminals get the bright idea to run drugs by drone. 

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