Check out Dan J. Fiore's ARREST US! Story in the New Issue of Thuglit

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The first of the three ARREST US! Thuglit winners has landed! 

Issue 14 of Thuglit is now available, and it includes "Heart" by Dan J. Fiore, one of the three stories that the magazine's editor-in-chief, Todd Robinson, plucked out of our writing challenge for those hallowed, blood-stained pages. 

The other two winners—Devon Robbins and Liam Sweeny—will appear in subsequent issues. Click here to learn more about the prizes. Here's an excerpt from Dan's story...

"Yo, white girl," someone behind me says. "Watch your car for five dollars." 

I shut my door and look over my shoulder. "You talking to me?" I ask the black guy sitting there. 

He leans back on his stoop, a hand-rolled cigarillo between his fingers. He takes a long puff and lets it out slow. "Can't be too careful in a neighborhood like this," he says and I think about the snubnose tucked behind my belt...

Now... go get some. There's some killer stuff in this issue.

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Liam Sweeny's picture
Liam Sweeny from Albany, NY is reading Country Hardball November 15, 2014 - 9:19am

Awesome issue, and kudos to Dan Fiore, and of the other contributors. And thanks to the cover model for having great ink.