Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’ to Return as Television Series

Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’ to Return as Television Series

Despite a lackluster reception in theaters, Cassandra Clare’s popular book series The Mortal instruments is being resurrected, this time as a high-end television series.

The company in charge, Constantin Film, is the same production company that produced the film version, but they have hired a new showrunner, Ed Decter (The Client List, Helix) for the project. They plan to begin production next year.

According to MTV News, Constantin’s Martin Moszkowicz believes it makes more sense to produce the novels as a television series. “There was so much from the book that we had to leave out of the Mortal Instruments film. In the series we’ll be able to go deeper and explore this world in greater detail and depth,” he says.

The best selling YA series follows fifteen-year-old protagonist Clary Fray as she searches for her missing mother. This search leads her into an alternate New York called Downworld, filled with mysterious supernatural creatures like werewolves, demons, and vampires. She becomes a part of the secret world of demon hunters and finds herself torn between two boys—her best friend Simon, and the mysterious demon hunter, Jace.

With news this fresh, there’s still a ton of questions surrounding the details and production of the television series. Who would you like to see star in the project? 

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Laura Gokey's picture
Laura Gokey October 13, 2014 - 1:16pm

I'm actually very excited about this!!

SammyB's picture
SammyB from Las Vegas is reading currently too many to list October 13, 2014 - 5:39pm

I'm not a big fan of this series, but I am interested to see what they will do with it. Hopefully they will re-cast Jace because the film version was... lacking.

I was kind of hoping they would turn Harry Potter into a TV series, but I guess I'll have to continue waiting for that dream to come true :)