Captain Citrus Is Here To Save Your Mimosa

Captain Citrus

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's...a bizarre new superhero powered by the sun! And money!

A recent team-up between Florida citrus growers and Marvel comics resulted in a revamp of Captain Citrus, a character that was formerly an anthropomorphic orange, now a ripped young man who fights for justice, after his fortifying glass of orange juice, of course.

In the debut appearance of this new Captain, we discover that he apparently bonded with some "solar pods" that crashed in his family's yard. And this somehow results in superpowers of some sort.

Marvel's Bill Rosemann on the new character:

He lives in an orange grove. In the comic book, you see him with his family. They're having breakfast. You see how orange juice brings the family together and kick-starts the day.

It's not the first hero with an agenda for Marvel. Not by a long shot (Longshot being a legitimate Marvel hero, by the way). Marvel, in fact, has an entire division that works on this sort of stuff. Marvel Custom Solutions has teamed up with several organizations, some more charitable than others.

Okay, when Marvel's greatest heroes fight side-by-side with Elks' mascot Elroy to tackle drug abuse, how mad can you get? But when Captain America is shilling cosmetics for Kiehl's? When Iron Man somehow teams up with living, giant M&M's?

If you're looking to sell your...well, anything, it would seem, you can cruise over to the Marvel Custom Solutions page, and even read up on their rates.

So, who's picking up the next issue of Citrus Man?

News by Peter Derk

Peter Derk lives, writes, and works in Colorado. Buy him a drink and he'll talk books all day.  Buy him two and he'll be happy to tell you about the horrors of being responsible for a public restroom.

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