Bronx Teacher Looking For New Books For Her Students--All You Have To Do Is Vote For Her Project

Vote for students to get new books

Dalainy Amador-Pirnie, a teacher in the Bronx, likes to use Uglies by Scott Westerfeld during the Utopia/Dystopia unit of study in her eighth grade class. The book often inspires students to read the rest of the books in the YA series, but she only has a few ratty copies. That makes it tough for everyone to read it--so she's asking for help. 

She's using, a website where you vote for a project to get funded, and the project with the most votes gets money from the charities that support the website. So sort of like Kickstarter, but with other people's money. 

Here's Amador-Pirnie, explaining the impetus of the project: 

Last year, my working around the lack of complete copies of Uglies took time and attention away from the reading, analysis, and discussion of it. I felt the time and resources I spent making copies or scanning pages for projecting on a screen were wasted. Having a fresh new copy of the book for each of us would eliminate the "mad dash" of students who bickered to get their own copy or had to move their seat closer to the screen in order to see. All of my students could independently practice close-reading strategies, as well as individually finding details in the text to support their ideas.

Your support in this project will allow me to focus more on my students' thinking and learning through this text, rather than focusing on the logistics of how they will all see it.

You can vote once a day, and registration at the site is required. It's tough for teachers to get funding--a lot of teachers in NYC pay out of pocket for incidentals like pen, paper, and chalk, so the likelihood of getting paperbacks through another avenue is pretty much nil. The project is ranked pretty low on the site right now, so let's see if we can't give her a little nudge? 

Click here to vote!

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