Borders Sign Goes to Auction, Letter by Letter

Borders Sign Goes to Auction

There's still time to bid on a piece of book history, and help a noble cause at the same time. Sign letters from a flagship Borders store in Ann Arbor, MI are currently up for auction at eBay, but you've only got until January 31st to snag one for yourself.

All proceeds from the auctions will benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, or BINC, an organization that assists large and small booksellers in financial need. The letters are believed to be among the last remaining signage from the now bankrupt retail chain, as most other locations have already been dismantled.

BINC's info page provides some info on the letters, and also gives some suggestions on what to do with them:

The 2-foot tall metal and plexi-glass letters are waiting to adorn your bookshelf, wall, cupboard, indoors or out – wherever you want a little fun. Whether you want one of the distinctive “B”s, your initials, a favorite letter, or enough letters to spell out a special word or name be sure to bid early and often!

As of this writing, that "distinctive 'B'" is the most sought-after letter, currently sitting at $311.00. Prices are jumping fast too: The Huffington Post reported on the auctions a few days ago, and listed the 'O' at $25. It's up to $102.50 now.

Interested? Then head to BINC's eBay page to bid on any of the letters. 

Who wants a big 'B' or 'R' sitting in their bedroom? I'd personally go for the 'D' and 'S,' since I once saw David Sedaris do a reading at a Borders a few years back. Any personal memories you could solidify with some big letters? Let's hear your stories.

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jyh's picture
jyh from VA is reading whatever he feels like January 28, 2013 - 9:22pm

There's no "C" in "Borders."

Something is amiss, or missing.

cshultz81's picture
cshultz81 from Oklahoma is reading Best Horror of the Year Volume 8 January 28, 2013 - 11:38pm

I think they're selling the 'books and music' portion of the sign as well, hence the 'c.'