BiblioCrunch to Offer More Services Via New Partner Wattpad

BiblioCrunch Partners With Wattpad

Value-added services are all the rage as a way of bringing in new customers and improving services for existing customers. A new venture between digital publishing community Wattpad and BiblioCrunch, a marketplace offering vetted “professional services like editorial and design feedback” aims to give BiblioCrunch’s Premium level customers enhanced services. From BiblioCrunch’s blog:

Now, in addition to accessing BiblioCrunch’s author and promotion services, Premium authors on BiblioCrunch can submit their stories directly for submission to Wattpad’s Featured Stories directory, all from one location on BiblioCrunch. The Featured section highlights hand picked stories on Wattpad.

Sounds promising, if a little bit of a tease to get you to buy more of their services. I haven’t actually used Wattpad yet, but with more than 14 million users a lot of writers have got some good exposure from the site. And BiblioCrunch is certainly talking the talk:

"The self-publishing community is growing exponentially and we are excited to support our authors by bringing them more high-quality services… Teaming up with Wattpad brings our authors new exposure to help them get their stories off the ground,” said Miral Sattar, CEO, BiblioCrunch.

Any experience of using BiblioCrunch’s premium services? Does the promise of enhanced services make you want to? I don’t know about you, but it would benefit authors who could use the services of a professional editor or designer. Just remember to be careful and do your research before you plop down your hard-earned money.

Oh, there’s also the (slim) chance any story you post might be seen by fan of Wattpad, Margaret Atwood, an occasional poster, too.

Dean Fetzer

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Cate Hogan's picture
Cate Hogan September 13, 2016 - 6:59pm

Great article! I recently interviewed one of my writing clients about how she managed to achieve 2.1 million reads (and growing) for one of her books on the site. Wattpad has proven to be a great source of beta readers, and reader metrics. You can check the article out here:

dollysharma24's picture
dollysharma24 August 18, 2021 - 2:43am