Amazon Opens Spanish-Language eBook Store Con Todos Los Libros Para Nora Roberts

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Via TechFlash

eBooks are serious business these days, and they're making a lot of people a lot of money--but until today, a large portion of the literate population was left out of the digital loop: Spanish speakers. Pero hoy, a whole new world of digital reading has become available. 

Called eBooks Kindle en Español, the store features over 30,000 libros, including translations of classics (Madame Bovary is a hot one), popular books like The Hunger Games (Juegos del Hambre, which is already one of the biggest sellers), as well as titles by prominent Spanish-language authors, all with complimentary Spanish descriptions and reviews. There are also kids books, like those featuring Dora the Explorer. Unfortunately, 50 Cortinas de Gris is not yet available.

It's a smart move on Amazon's behalf--and to be honest, I kind of can't believe it took this long. With eBooks blowing up, it makes sense to make them available to the over 17 million Americans who regularly speak Spanish at home and with friends. Plus, imagine what a great tool this will be for cash-strapped language classes across America, who can take a break from watching The Motorcycle Diaries with Spanish subtitles, and instead, read book descriptions. 

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Joshua Chaplinsky from New York is reading a lot more during the quarantine April 6, 2012 - 6:49am

Donde esta la biblioteca?