Make Your Characters More Interesting With Lies

Column by Peter Derk
May 21, 2018
Ask yourself: When's the last time I had one of my characters tell a real whopper?

11 of the Best Indie Horror Presses

Column by Gabino Iglesias
May 18, 2018
There is a lot of great horror out there, and most of it is coming from indie presses. Here are some that need to be on your radar.

Putting Together a Literary Magazine

Column by Christoph Paul
May 17, 2018
Putting together a literary magazine isn't as hard as it sounds. It's even kind of fun.

Books About Mental Illness are Important, Especially if You Have One

Column by Karis Rogerson
May 16, 2018
One mentally ill writer and reader on why books that mirror her experiences are so important.

13 Solid Pieces Of Advice From LitReactor's Writers Workshop

Column by Peter Derk
May 15, 2018
There's a lot of solid writing advice coming straight out of our workshop. Here's a sneak peek.

What It Really Takes to Get Your First Book Published: 5 Critical Factors

Column by Susan DeFreitas
May 14, 2018
I you've worked hard, put in your ten thousand hours, and still not broken through with your first book deal, this post is for you.

Happy Birthday To The Evil Genius Behind 'Sweet Valley High'

Column by Meredith Borders
May 14, 2018
Francine Pascal turns 80 today. Let's take a look at some of the more insane stuff she pulled with SVH.

Mommie Dearest: 9 of the Most Memorable Mothers in Literature

Column by Annie Neugebauer
May 11, 2018
There are few relationships in life as complex, powerful, and dynamic as the mother-child relationship. Here are literature's 9 most memorable mamas.

Wonderful and Strange: Twin Peaks — The Literary Tie-Ins

Column by Bart Bishop
May 10, 2018
On the one-year anniversary of 'The Return', a look back at the books that have expanded on the deeper mysteries of 'Twin Peaks'.
Alex Segura and Joe Clifford on PI Fiction, Flawed Characters and Fighting Your

In Conversation: Alex Segura and Joe Clifford on PI Fiction, Flawed Characters and Fighting Your Demons

Interview by Alex Segura
May 9, 2018
LitReactor instructors Joe Clifford and Alex Segura talk PI fiction to mark the latest adventures featuring their recurring characters, Jay Porter and Pete Fernandez.
Owen Laukkanen, Interview, Adventure, Boats

Owen Laukkanen on Boats, Trains, Dogs, and His Latest Novel 'Gale Force'

Interview by Rob Hart
May 8, 2018
Owen Laukkanen takes a break from his hit Stevens and Windermere series to give us a brand new tale of adventure on the high seas--and we posed some questions to him about it.
Tushhog Book Cover

Sunshine Noir: An Interview with Jeffery Hess, author of 'Tushhog'

Interview by Steph Post
May 7, 2018
An interview with Jeffery Hess, author of the novels 'Tushhog' and 'Beachhead'.

The Subtle Beauty of A Quiet Place's Gender-Trope Upheaval

Column by Leah Rhyne
May 7, 2018
The movie "A Quiet Place" is a great example of taking stereotypical gender tropes in a horror flick and turning them upside down.

5 Crazy Book Stunts You May Or May Not Want To Try

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
May 4, 2018
Sometimes writers get creative outside of their stories. Here are five of the wackiest book marketing campaigns authors have cooked up for their books.

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Etiquette During the Dying Days of Facebook (for Writers)

Column by David James Keaton
May 3, 2018
It's all coming to an end, writers! Your grandma on Facebook... Zuckerberg in front of Congress... Looks like it's time to practice some crucial real-world social skills before the lights go off.
"Corpsepaint" by David Peak

"Corpsepaint" by David Peak

Review by Christopher Shultz
May 2, 2018
A convergence of metal and horror as black and bitter as the music itself.

The Sam Pink Universe

Column by Gabino Iglesias
May 2, 2018
Come explore the weird, wonderful universe of Sam Pink.

When it's Okay to be Uncertain

Column by Brian Allen Carr
May 1, 2018
A look at when uncertainty can make fiction stronger.

A Very Personal Chuck Palahniuk Retrospective

Column by Peter Derk
April 30, 2018
Chuck's new book, "Adjustment Day", comes out May 1st. Take a trip down memory lane as lined with coffee mug pranks, ice baths, dumpster diving, and cat litter.

9 Things I’ve Learned about Authoring from Selling My Used Clothes Online

Column by Annie Neugebauer
April 27, 2018
What does selling used clothing have to do with publishing? In today’s digital marketplace——where writers mostly have to do all of our own hustling——there’s a lot more crossover than you might think.

Even Writers Can Participate In Take Your Kid to Work Day

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
April 26, 2018
Some professions offer the most amazing stuff for kids to interact with on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. And others have, well, computers. How to make the day interesting and memorable.

If Classic Novels Were More Like Blockbuster Movies

Column by Peter Derk
April 25, 2018
Ever find yourself in the middle of a so-called classic that feels like it lacks oomph? Boredom is the disease, and we've got the cure!

Analyzing The Last Two Decades of Online Film Criticism

Column by Bart Bishop
April 24, 2018
A look at the last 20 years of the online film criticism community through the lens of Jeremy Smith's upcoming book "When It Was Cool".

The 10 Best Modern Shakespeare Adaptations

Column by Meredith Borders
April 23, 2018
On the Bard's bday, we've chosen our favorite Shakespeare movies set in modern times.
Read an Excerpt from Chuck Palahniuk's "Adjustment Day"

Read an Excerpt from Chuck Palahniuk's "Adjustment Day"

News by Joshua Chaplinsky
April 20, 2018
The Cult's got a taste of what is sure to be one of Chuck's most controversial novels to date.