Richard Thomas

Storyville: Building Up Your Horror Story Before You Tear It Down

Tips on how to build up your horror story before you tear it all down.
Leah Dearborn

A Brief Stroll Down the Corridors of Dark Academia and Its Romantic Roots

It’s easy to view these aesthetics as trends of small consequence, but it’s more interesting to watch their evolution against the scope of other romantic movements.
Leah Dearborn

10 Books For the Flight to Mars

Space exploration has been a popular topic in recent publishing, with a growing number of voices writing on the subject. Here are 10 books to keep you company for the (very) long flight.
Robbie Blair

Video Games as Literature: A Defense of the Medium

Video games are often looked down on. However, writers and lit enthusiasts can crack open new worlds of stories by appreciating the medium and its unique offerings.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Writing Horror in a Post-Covid World

How do you write dark fiction in a post-Covid world? Be a phoenix, rising from the ashes.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Advanced Storytelling Techniques

Tips for how to execute some advanced storytelling techniques.
Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Storytelling: This Ain't Church

Always be passionate about what you believe, but write in a way that give readers the benefit of the doubt.
BH Shepherd

Narrative Detour: Rediscover Your Novel

A fun exercise to help you push forward when writing your novel becomes a slog.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Finding Hope in Dark Fiction

It's possible to put hope in your dark fiction, quite possibly leading to a more satisfying experience.
Justin Hunter

Why Coming of Age Crime Stories Work So Well

The movie adaptation of 'The November Criminals' reminds us that coming of age crime stories are the best kinds of stories.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Eight New, Mashed Up Sub-Genres

Some new hybrid narratives to breathe life into your writing.
Jeff Noon

Beneath the Terminus Stone: Borderlines as a Theme

The final installment of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows."
Jeff Noon

A Madman Scattering Dust: Time as a Theme

Part 4 of Jeff's 6 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows."
Jeff Noon

Return of the Son of Twilight Zone: Dusk as a Theme

Part 3 of Jeff's 6 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows."
Richard Thomas

Storyville: The Proper Use of Violence in Fiction

Violence in fiction—when to use it, and when to avoid it.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Great Titles—Hooking Your Readers

Some ideas on how to hook your readers with your titles.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Writing a Story or Novel Based on One Emotion

Tips, advice and process for writing a story or novel based on one emotion.
JS Breukelaar

8 Prescient Dystopian Shorts—in Short, We're F*#&ed!

Some dystopian tales to remind us to be careful what we wish for-—Heaven on Earth is just the B-side to End of Days.
BH Shepherd

Words Mightier Than Bullets: Tarantino on Story

A look at the theme of storytelling throughout Quentin Tarantino's filmography.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Love in Fiction

How to write about love in your fiction.
Leah Rhyne

Jessica Jones vs. Sansa Stark: Rape Culture in Entertainment, and Why We Should Talk About It

Trigger warning: We are going to talk about rape, and our reactions to the loss of innocence vs. the thirst for revenge.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: How to Write Flash Fiction

Tips and tricks for writing powerful flash fiction.