Taylor Houston

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Writing Gender-Neutral

It's actually not that hard to write more inclusively, but it's more important now than ever to TRY.
Taylor Houston

5 Old School Writing Rules That Need To Retire

The article in which I call out my Alma Mater for being stodgy ol’ hypocrites.
Taylor Houston

5 Grammar Rules That Make No Effing Sense

Sometimes the rules make no effing sense. Here are few that drive me crazy.
Susan DeFreitas

5 Things the Grammar Nazis Get Wrong

The Grammar Nazi's mission in life is to point out all the ways that you, the writer, have managed to butcher the English language. Sometimes those people are right. But sometimes they're wrong.
Leah Dearborn

Stop Laughing at Yourself: A Loud Legacy of Exclamations

Exclamation points are like that relative who drinks too much every Thanksgiving. You can handle Uncle Charlie when he’s at the house, but taking him to a black-tie gala might not be the best idea.
Taylor Houston

Seven Grammar Tools to Love

Grammar gets a bad rap, but some grammar rules are actually there to HELP you. Here are seven tools I have learned to love.
Taylor Houston

Punctuation Pairs: How To Combine Punctuation

As if the rules of punctuation weren’t confusing enough, what do you do when you have more than one punctuation mark to contend with?
Taylor Houston

Typos: Funny or Foul?

Typos are a part of everyday life, but sometimes they can be downright dangerous. Here are three types, from the innocent to the egregious!
Leah Dearborn

The Eternal Duel: A History of Commas

The Oxford comma has been a highly divisive issue within the literary community for many years. But how did it come to be this way, and is one side actually correct?
Taylor Houston

Ask the Grammarian: How "snuck" sneaked in...

How "snuck" sneaked into the English language and we totally let it.
Taylor Houston

Ask the Grammarian with Taylor Houston - Now Taking Your Questions

I'm like your personal editor, so ask me a grammar or usage question!
Taylor Houston

Ask the Grammarian: Missing Semi-colons, Distinguishing Dashes, and Punctuating Quotations

The elusive semi-colon, confusing dashes, and where-oh-where to put the punctuation in quoted material.
Taylor Houston

Ask the Grammarian: Multiple Hopes, Lay vs. Lie, Basically Useless Vocabulary, and a Stumper

In this episode, we will attack the grammatical conundrums in the following sentence: Basically, our hopes have lay with the children.
Taylor Houston

Nothing New Under The Sun: The Origins of 5 Common Literary Allusions Part 2

Monkeys and horses and goats—Oh My! Five more common allusions explained.
Taylor Houston

Ask the Grammarian: 'Too' Many Commas, Sentence Fragments, and Rhetoric

Where to put (or not put) commas with the word 'too', my opinion on sentence fragments, and a dicussion of rhetoric that could get me in trouble.
Taylor Houston

Ask The Grammarian With Taylor Houston—Now Taking Your Questions

Got a burning question about grammar or usage? Ask Taylor Houston, LitReactor's grammar columnuist, for help.
Taylor Houston

Is it the Fourth or the 4th of July?: Formatting Numbers in Your Writing

You may not know it, but there are many rules that govern when you should spell out a number and when you should use the numerals. Here are a few of them.
Taylor Houston

...and ACTION!: The Who, What, When, and Why of Verb Conjugation

Verbs are action words. That seems simple enough, so why are there so many different variables when it comes to conjugating them?
Taylor Houston

Put a Cap on It: Learning the Rules of Capitalization

Do You feel Compelled to Capitalize every other Word? If so, you are an OverCapitalizer. There is help—read on...
Taylor Houston

10 More Words You Literally Didn't Know You Were Getting Wrong

We hit it out of the park last October by giving you ten words you were probably using wrong. Well, here are ten more.
Cath Murphy

How the Superheroes of Literature can save you from the Grammar Nazis

Who can save the planet from the deadly Grammar Nazis? The Superheroes of Literature, that's who!
Taylor Houston

Watching out for Reiterations: Eliminating Redundancy in Your Writing

Like Sonny & Cher on February 2nd, redundancies in your writing are driving your readers crazy.
Taylor Houston

Phraseology: Groups of Words with a Lot of Jobs

So I've bored you with lectures on sentences and clauses, now we'll talk about that other group of words-the phrase.
Taylor Houston

10 Grammar & Usage-Related New Year’s Resolutions

So you swore off sugar in the new year, but did you resolve to stop using 'they' to refer to a single subject? You should. Here are 10 grammar and usage resolutions for 2013.
Karina Wilson

10 Reasons Your Screenplay Sucks (and how to fix it)

What makes a reader hate a screenplay on sight? Here are 10 pet peeves - and fixes.