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T. Dagarim from Atlanta, GA November 23, 2015 - 3:24pm

So, here's the deal:

I, like many of you on here, hope to one day be a self-sustaining author. There's many hurtles that must be overcome in this process, one of which involves the cooperative efforts of others.

I'm speaking of peer review, while at the same time, self-promoting in a completely shameless way. When I began on this site, one of the most exciting features was the ability to post works and have them reviewed by fellow authors. It was well worth the monthly fee, because there's nothing quite like having a peer rip your hard work to shreds and questioning your ability as a human being, much less an author.

Haha, on a more serious note, I am starving for a review of my first piece posted on here in the Workshop. It will change your life, buy your lunch for the next month, and cure every ailment.

My snake oil is named The Poison of God.

Please read and review this life-changing short story. It just might tickle your insides, and make you young again. Besides, the most you'll lose is somewhere around 10 minutes, and though I do realize that this is the approximate amount of time it takes to fold a pile of laundry, or to open a clamshell package, or to write a scathing review of your hair salon on Yelp, it's also the approximate amount of time it will take to potentially change someone's life. My future is in your hands.